Working with a qualified professional within the confines of a structured program is the fastest route to achieving your health & fitness goals.  As a client, you will be guided through each workout to ensure that you are performing exercises safely and progressing at a rate appropriate for your age and level of training advancement.

All personal training clients are evaluated and placed on a customized strength and conditioning program in alignment with your individual goals, your current state of physical conditioning, and your availability.  Our standard program is a twice weekly commitment and sessions are generally an hour. 

Along with your scheduled appointments, we will provide you with nutritional considerations to reach your fitness goals.  We may also assign you “homework” to do outside of your scheduled appointment times.  Generally these are simple things like 30 min walks that do not require the supervision of a coach.

Pricing: Training can be conducted as one-on-one or as a small group (2 or more). Personal training rates are $60/hour for one-on-one and $90/hour for two trainees.  Contact us for group training rates.

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Strength & Conditioning

The primary objective of strength and conditioning is performance enhancement and injury prevention. That applies to both general physical preparedness (as required by first responders/military) and sport-specific applications. You should be able to answer exactly why you’re using a particular exercise at a particular phase of your training. If the exercise has no purpose, elicits no developmental benefit for the individual’s activity outside of the gym, then it is wasting time and energy. Coordinated and planned training is required to maximize the amount of training benefit in the least amount of training time.  We will tailor a program to incorporate both regimented strength work and appropriate conditioning to enhance your performance outside of the gym.


Starting Strength Program Set-up

A comprehensive tutorial on how to perform the basic suite of barbell exercises detailed in the book Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.  We will go in depth on teaching you the proper technique and performance of each lift, setting your starting weights for linear progression, as well as provide nutritional suggestions and any modifications that you may require to maximize the effectiveness of the program.  Please allow for 90-120 minutes of training to get through all exercises; this is a workout so please come rested.  After completing the initial set-up session(s) you may schedule shorter follow up appointments at your convenience.

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Strength for Performance

If you are a current or former athlete looking to optimize your performance, our general strength program is for you.  There are ten domains of fitness as described by Jim Crawley and Bruce Evans of Dynamax: Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.  Of these ten attributes, strength training alone has the unique ability to improve all other domains. Whether you are in season or out of season, we will teach you the most effective way to train for strength and how to appropriately incorporate strength work into your current training regimen.

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Strength for Longevity

Life is motion. Motion requires force. The ability to generate force is strength. When you get out of a chair, climb the stairs, lift something overhead, snatch a child away from danger or leap for joy, you are using strength. This is NOT a bodybuilding program. This is NOT "toning" or "sculpting." This is NOT a weight loss program.  This is training for health. This is training for quality of life.  On this program we will employ fundamental resistance training exercises adapted to your current state of physical ability to gradually improve strength, balance, and mobility. Our focus will be improving those actives required to function in daily life.


Olympic Weightlifting

If you got a taste of Olympic weightlifting from a cross-training program, or you found inspiration watching weightlifting on TV, we can provide thorough instruction on the performance of the two Olympic lifts (clean & jerk and snatch).  Weightlifting is a technical sport and novice lifters are easily overwhelmed with complex (and inconsistent) instruction found on the internet.  We will simplify weightlifting instruction starting with fundamental movements then developing strength, mobility, and proficiency over time.  No prior experience is required.