Rules and Regulations:

Membership confers the right to use and enjoy the facilities of the gym solely in accordance with the gym’s rules and regulations.  Membership is open to any individual or family of good character without regard to race, sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or religion.  All members and guests are subject to follow the rules and regulations as posted in the facility.

-Children under the age of 18 years old will not be allowed to use the facility without signed parent/guardian consent.  Children and approved guests not participating in a class must say off the gym floor.  Amarillo CrossFit, LLC (DBA: Amarillo Strength & Conditioning) is NOT responsible for the safety of children in the facility.  Options provided to those that wish to bring children:

1) Designated seating area with television, DVD, and gaming systems.

2) Sit on the chairs by the entrance or safe area around perimeter of the facility.


-Amarillo CrossFit, LLC (DBA: Amarillo Strength & Conditioning) reserves the right to suspend or terminate any membership for any reason.

-Amarillo CrossFit, LLC (DBA: Amarillo Strength & Conditioning) is not responsible for personal items, including keys, left at the gym.  Articles found on premises will be kept for 14 days.  CrossFit Amarillo is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or damage to personal property. 

-Any persons not in good health that chooses to exercise and/or use the gym and its facilities assume all risks involved.

-Amarillo CrossFit, LLC (DBA: Amarillo Strength & Conditioning) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


Payments and Billing: 

Patrons may participate in personal or group training sessions only with an updated and paid account(s).

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) or returned checks will be charged a fee of $25 per transaction.