Amarillo Barbell Club

Amarillo Strength & Conditioning is home to the Amarillo Barbell Club, a community of athletes that have unlimited (24/7) access to the gym.  Barbell club membership is limited to those individuals who have trained under a member of our staff, demonstrated proficiency in barbell mechanics, and displayed good character.  Barbell Club keyed memberships are acquired by referral only.

(c. 2009)

(c. 2009)

It all started when…

I took a chance at renting a warehouse space in 2008 because I couldn't train how I wanted to at a big box gym.  With minimal equipment, I opened the doors to the public and a few curious folks trickled in the door to train along side me. When they came back for another session, they brought their friends and family with them, and so our gym grew organically over the years that followed. 

In the decade of our operation we've had people come and go, witnessed successes and failures, supported one another in births and deaths, and even hosted a wedding!  It's hard to explain our unique operation, but its even harder to explain how we have had such an incredible group of people call our gym home.  We don't all train together, we don't all share the same fitness goals, and we don't all follow the same program, but we do support one another despite our differences.

We don't see anything wrong with keeping our operation small, but we welcome anyone who shares our passion for training and treats our gym like home.

-Heidi Coffman

Owner, Amarillo Strength & Conditioning

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